DanSen dub profiles tho

Presented with stupid commentary in caption.

(Seriously, what has happened to Ryuu’s mouth)

heck we’re leaving the restaurant goodbye sweet internet

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aah, gotcha! thanks for letting me know, i forgot about that

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yeah that’s probably the best part of this whole thing. don’t have to deal with awful international shipping prices for lbxs anymore and also video games maybe

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I DONT KNOW IF YOUVE HEARD OF THIS ALREADY BUT THEY CHANGED THE NAMES OF ALL THE CHARACTERS like there’s van, amy, kaz, hanz, and uh. justin. justin kaido.

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all around me are familiar faces
worn out places
worn out faces

the one fucking week i don’t have access to a haflway decent internet connection and justin kaidou happens. where did i go wrong

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the new walking dead game episode is out and my internet is too bad to even log into steam what kind of joke is this

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